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(Require .Net Framework 4.6.1 or higher)

More than just a simple dictionary, NLP Japanese Dictionary integrates advanced natural language processing algorithms to help you read Japanese as effortlessly as possible.

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Main Features



  • Free & open source (Project Page).
  • Exact and run – no installation required.
  • Breakdown complicated sentences into simple words then give their reading, pronunciation, and definitions.
  • Extract text from images using OCR.
  • Support cross-app communication (more details here).
  • Support text-to-speech for Japanese.
  • Sort definitions of a word based on its context in a sentence.
  • Include 170000+ Japanese – English entries from JMdict.
  • Allow searching by Kana, Kanji, Romaji, and English.
  • Provide Kanji information and their writing.
  • Provide sentence examples.
  • Allow switching between day and night mode instantly.
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